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List of Shakespeare Productions

Montage of play programsI'm an opportunist. I don't care about the play's title or who is in it; if I have an affordable opportunity to see Shakespeare, I do so. If we're on vacation and discover some Shakespeare at the destination or en route, we order tickets.

With that in mind, this list is revealing in two ways. One, it represents through my experience what titles tend to be most often produced over the past 30 years.

Two, it proves to be a treasure of Hollywood who's who, most of whom were “who?” back when. Certainly, some actors were already headlining stars when I saw them in London (Vanessa Redgrave, Timothy Dalton) or in the United States (Lynn Redgrave, Al Pacino). Many more were my favorite stage actors in England but largely unrecognized outside the theaters. Long before they became internationally known as Lord Voldemort, Snape, Captain Picard, Ghandi, Dr. Octopus, Kenneth Branagh, and Judi Dench, they first impressed me as Romeo, Jaques, Enobarbus, Ford, Hastings, Petruchio, Navarre, and Judi Dench.

Keys to this list: Sarah and I have kept most of our tickets, so most productions going back to 1990 are listed with specific dates (some theaters don't date their tickets). The listed productions from the 1980s don't always have specific dates because I could rely only on playbills and programs (my parents kept some of the tickets of plays they attended with me). As for the 1970s, the only programs I have are those plays I attended with my parents in England; the rest are memories.

For the casts, I list only the principals, but include lesser roles when their portrayals were particularly memorable.

Eric Minton

Click on the play title to see the productions. Productions since 2009 are further described in the On Stage section of this website.

All's Well That End's Well

Antony and Cleopatra

Arden of Faversham

As You Like It

Cardenio (aka Double Falsehood)

The Comedy of Errors



Edward III


Henry IV, Part 1

Henry IV, Part 2

[The Most Lamentable Comedy of Sir John Falstaff]

[The Mistorical Hystery of Henry (I)V]

Henry V

Henry VI, Part 1

Henry VI, Part 2

Henry VI, Part 3

Henry VI [conflation]

Henry VIII

Julius Caesar

King John

King Lear

Love's Labour's Lost


Measure for Measure

The Merchant of Venice

The Merry Wives of Windsor

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Much Ado about Nothing



Richard II

Richard III

Romeo and Juliet

The Spanish Tragedy

The Taming of the Shrew

  1. Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, England
    December 1978. Directed by Michael Bogdanov: Jonathan Pryce (Sly, Petruchio), Paola Dionisotti (Usher, Kate), David Suchet (Usher, Grumio), Paul Brooke (Baptista), Zoe Wanamaker (Bianca), Juliet Stevenson (Curtis, Widow).
  2. Royal Shakespeare Company, Whitbread Flowers Warehouse, Stratford-upon-Avon, England
    1985. Directed by Di Trevis: Alfred Molina (Petruchio), Sian Thomas (Kate), Richard Garnett (Lucentio), Nick Dunning (Tranio), Peter Rumney (Hortensio), Geoffrey Freshwater (Grumio), Michael Troughton (Sly).
  3. Theatre Royal Haymarket, London, England
    June 1986. Directed by Toby Roberts and Christopher Selbie (in repertoire with Antony and Cleopatra): Timothy Dalton (Petruchio), Vanessa Redgrave (Kate), Kika Markham (Bianca), Bunny May (Grumio), Sylvester McCoy (Tranio).
  4. Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican Theatre, London, England
    1988. Directed by Jonathan Miller: Brian Cox (Petruchio), Fiona Shaw (Kate), Alex Jennings (Lucentio), Barrie Rutter (Tranio), James Fleet (Hortensio), Derek Hutchinson (Grumio), Felicity Dean (Bianca), Piers Ibbotson (Biondello).
  5. Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Festival Stage, Montgomery, Ala.
    July 4, 1998. Directed by Kent Thompson: John Preston (Petruchio), Monica Bell (Kate), David Furr (Grumio), Jeff Obafemi Carr (Lucentio), Sam Gregory (Tranio), Ray Chambers (Hortensio), Kathleen McCall (Bianca).
  6. Atlanta Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Tavern, Atlanta, Ga.
    September 30, 2000. Directed by Tim Habeger: Daniel Pettrow (Petruchio), Annmarie Benedict (Kate), Marc McPherson (Grumio), Frank Roberts (Baptista), Jennifer Akin (Bianca), Lucentio (Britt Whittle), Troy Willis (Tranio).
  7. Royal Shakespeare Company, Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
    December 27, 2003. Directed by Gregory Doran (in repertoire with The Tamer Tamed): Jasper Briton (Petruchio), Alexandra Gilbreath (Kate), Paul Chahidi (Hortensio), Rory Kinnear (Tranio), Daniel Hawksford (Lucentio).
  8. Bard on the Beach, Maintage, Vancouver, British Columbis
    July 18, 2007. Directed by Miles Potter: Bob Frazer (Petruchio), Colleen Wheeler (Kate), Haig Sutherland (Hortensio), Michael Scholar Jr. (Tranio), Kyle Rideout (Lucentio), Naomi Wright (Bianca), Derek Metz (Grumio).
  9. American Shakespeare Center, Blackfriars Playhouse, Staunton, Va.
    October 9, 2010. Directed by Jim Warren: Benjamin Curns (Petruchio), Sarah Fallon (Kate), Daniel Kennedy (Sly, Hortensio), Allison Glenzer (Tranio), Patrick Midgley (Lucentio), Ginna Hoben (Bianca), James Keegan (Grumio).
  10. Theatre for a New Audience, The Duke on 42nd Street, New York, N.Y.
    April 7, 2012. Directed by Arin Arbus: Maggie Siff (Kate), Andy Grotelueschen (Petruchio), Kathryn Saffell (Bianca), John Keating (Tranio), Saxon Palmer (Hortensio), Matthew Cowles (Sly), Jonathan Mastro (Piano Player).
  11. Synetic Theatre, Lansburgh Theatre, Washington, D.C.
    April 15, 2012. Directed by Paata Tsikurishvili: Irina Tsikurishvili (Kate), Ryan Sellers (Petruchio), Scott Brown (Lucentio), Alex Mills (Grumio), Irina Kavsadze (Bianca), Hector Reynoso (Baptista), Vato Tsikurishvilli (Hortensio).
  12. Folger Theatre, Washington, D.C.
    May 6, 2012. Directed by Aaron Posner: Kate Eastwood Norris (Kate), Cody Nickell (Petruchio), Sarah Marshall (Baptista), Danny Scheie (Grumio), Holly Twyford (Tranio), Craig Wallace (Gremio), Cliff Eberhardt (Blind Balladeer).
  13. Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Patapsco Female Institute Historic Park, Ellicott City, Md.
    June 21, 2013. Directed by Ian Gallanar: Jose Guzman (Petruchio), Molly Moores (Kate), Vince Eisenson (Biondello, Gremio, Tailor), James Jager (Lucentio, Grumio), Matthew Ancarrow (Tranio, Curtis), Greg Burgess (Hortensio, Vincentio).
  14. American Shakespeare Center, Blackfriars Playhouse, Staunton, Va.
    January 17, 2015. Actors' Renaissance Season: Allison Glenzer (Katherina), Christopher Seiler (Petruchio), René Thornton Jr. (Baptista), Patrick Midgley (Hortensio), Nathan C. Crocker (Lucentio), Bridget Rue (Tranio), Michael Amendola (Pedant, Widow).
  15. Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, St. Mary's Community Center, Baltimore, Md.
    November 20, 2015. Directed by Tom Delise: Kathryn Zoerb (Katherina), Ian Blackwell Rogers (Petruchio), Katie Arlyan (Grumio, Vincentio, filling in for Biondello), Tegan Williams (Bianca), Shannon Ziegler (Tranio), Alex Smith (Lucentio).
  16. Shakespeare Theatre Company, Sidney Harman Hall, Washington, D.C.
    May 24, 2016. Directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar: Peter Gadiot (Petruchio), Maulik Pancholy (Katherina), Oliver Thornton (Bianca), Matthew Russell (Tranio), Drew Foster (Biondello), André De Shields (Gremio, Curtis, Vincentio), Gregory Linington (Grumio).
  17. Public Theater's Free Shakespeare in the Park, Delacorte Theater, New York, N.Y.
    June 5, 2016. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd: Janet McTeer (Petruchio), Cush Jumbo (Katherina), Gayle Rankin (Bianca), Natalie Woolams-Torres (Tranio), Latanya Richardson Jackson (Baptista), Rosa Gilmore (Lucentio), Judy Gold (Gremio), Donna Lynne Champlin (Hortensio).
  18. Michigan Shakespeare Festival, Potter Center, Jackson, Michigan
    July 15, 2017. Directed by John Neville-Andrews: Janice L. Blixt (Katherina), David Blixt (Petruchio), Robert Kauzlaric (Hortensio), Shawn Pfautsch (Grumio), Ian Geers (Lucentio), Brandon St. Clair Saunders (Tranio), Eric Eilersen (Biondello).
  19. Shrew'd, First Folio Theatre, Mayslake Peabody Estate, Oak Brook, Illinois
    August 19, 2018. Adapted and lyrics by David Rice and Lydia Hiller, music by Christopher Kriz: Sierra Schnack (Kate), Christopher W. Jones (Petruchio), Steven Strafford (Hortensio), Tony Carter (Lucentio), Sasha Kostyrko (Tranio), Emma Rosenthal (Bianca).
  20. American Shakespeare Center, Blackfriars Playhouse, Staunton, Virginia
    July 8, 2023, Directed by José Zayes: Aidan O'Reilly (Petruchio), Jess Kadish (Katherina), Nic Sanchez (Lucentio), Erica Cruz Hernández (Tranio), Brandon Carter (Hortensio), Meg Rodgers (Grumio), Jack Young (Baptista), Corrie Green (Bianca), Alexis Baigue (Gremio).
The Tempest

Timon of Athens

Titus Andronicus

Troilus and Cressida

Twelfth Night

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Two Noble Kinsmen

The Winter's Tale

The Sonnets

The Rape of Lucrece

Venus and Adonis


Non-Shakespeare Productions