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Faction of Fools

Titus to Get Commedia Treatment in 2014

Faction of Fools Theater Company, Inc., logoWashington, D.C.'s commedia dell 'arte specialists, who in 2012 mounted commedia productions of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, return to Shakespeare with a surprising entry in its announced 2013–2014 season.

William Shakespeare's early, bloody tragedy Titus Andronicus will close out the Faction of Fools' season next spring. The company's founding artistic director, Matthew R. Wilson, will direct. Wilson also directed and adapted the Fools' hugely successful Commedia Romeo and Juliet as well as Hamlecchino, Clown Prince of Denmark.

Scholars believe Shakespeare was highly influenced by the commedia dell 'arte, which had made it to England in the mid-16th century. The Faction of Fools' Commedia Romeo and Juliet revealed how much influence the theatrical art form may have had on Shakespeare even with a tragedy. Titus Andronicus, with its mutilations, rape, bloody murders, and cannibalism, might seem a stretch for commedia dell 'arte, but the play also revels in macabre humor.

The season kicks off in September with an adaptation of Don Juan, also from director Wilson, and a revival of last year's A Commedia Christmas Carol in December. Pinocchio, directed and written by Paul Reisman, is scheduled for March 2014.

June 14, 2013

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