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Secret Society Offers Perks, Events, Humor

Independent Shakespeare Company logoAt the top of the e-mailed newsletter from Los Angeles' Independent Shakespeare Company is a list of topics, the last of which is "PLEASE stop inquiring out our secret society. How do these rumors get started?" Scroll down the note and you'll come to a skull with the legend "are you in?" and below that this note: "There is no secret society for you to join. We will not be providing adult beverages to said secret society. We will not be offering clandestine 'performances' of 'plays by Shakespeare' with 'popcorn.' Please do not click the link. Thank you."

Of course you click.

The Eastcheap Society is a "secret membership club" for ISC "theater-makers and select superfans." Patrons who are over 21 with a bedtime past midnight may join for $20 per month, or more "if you think it is worth more."

Benefits of the society include the following:

First pick at the latest and best volunteer opportunities. "That's right," says the invitation: "You're in Eastcheap and volunteer to help? You'll never be sent to the parking lot. Unless that's what you like."

Patrons can sign up at the ISC donation page.

February 21, 2013

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